WTE President Sakis Pragalos New Year’s message

WTE President Sakis Pragalos New Year’s message

Greece - Celebration of the New Year is always a good moment to look back on what has been and look forward to what will be. Did we provide our athletes with the best possible circumstances and climate to flourish and to chase their dreams and ambitions? What can we do in 2019 to make it even better?


European Taekwondo Championships “Kazan 2018” will not be broadcast

European Taekwondo Championships "Kazan 2018" will not be broadcast

Russia - World Taekwondo Europe announces the cancellation of broadcast WTE European Senior Championships Kazan 2018, scheduled to be realized 10-13 May 2018. The Organizing Committee of the event failed to deliver the required technical standards for EBU (Eurovision) according to the given timeframe and the event will not be televised.