“I have a dream”

International - The World Taekwondo Junior Championship is coming. Whit this, hundreds of young people will search the ‘gold glory’. But we should have a dream, same as Martin Luther King Jr. in 1963. Today I can say: I have a dream.


Official presentation of the new MasTKD

MasTKD made a complete redesign of the site, seeking to provide all of our readers throughout the world the posibility to find all the infomation of Taekwondo in a new agile and professional way.


Wild Cards for Nanjing 2014: "it is like giving a gun to a child"

We recently published a list of countries that will receive Wild Cards to participate in the coming Youth Olympic Games; however, according to the facts seen in Singapore 2010, we analyze the situation again and we come up with the conclusion on how serious it is to let young boys and girls compete at the highest level without any international competitive experience. ESPAÑOL


Traveling to the guts of the WTF

Just a few days before the 25th WTF General Assembly is held at the Grand Hotel in Chinese Taipei, many MNA presidents have already prepared their baggage, believing that their participation will be vital during this meeting. We present our point of view. ESPAÑOL