WTF Launches Global Membership System

The objective of the Global Membership System is to know better the practitioners around the world, establish an attractive communication with all of them and reinforce the image of taekwondo as a global sport.


WTF Solidarity and Development Program

WTF's strong commitment to the development of taekwondo, backed by an array of diversified programs as such brings us the title "sport for hope and inspiration"


Kukkiwon reborn as Mecca for taekwondo

The place regarded as a Mecca by both local and international taekwondo practitioners, is now seeking to enable the sport to serve as a diplomatic means as does “hallyu,” a Korean pop-culture syndrome prevalent in Asia and other part of the world.


Taekwondo Fortifying Position as Official Olympic Sport

Eager to shed still lingering legacies of the past, the national martial art taekwondo is now focusing on further enhancing fairness and excitement of its matches alongside managerial transparency.