GCS International held for first time ever a virtual meeting, and it was with Pan Am Region

International - 2020/05/23 - Organized by GCS Portland, U.S.A Chapter, Dr. Chungwon Choue president of GCS International joined a meeting with chapter presidents and secretary generals of Pan Am region to stablish the pathway and accomplish the goals.

After the appointment ceremony of the 5 chapters in Pan Am region, held in Costa Rica last march 11th, and the active participation of the continent, took them to organize a virtual meeting together with Dr. Chungwon Choue GCS International president, and Mr. Seok-jae Kang Secretary General of GCS International in order to set a pathway and reach the goals of the NGO and support the less privileged.

The GCS movement aims to carry out five major activities: actualizing a healthy society, improving standards of living, protecting nature and the environment, restoring human dignity, and promoting world peace with the spirit of Goodwill, Cooperation, and Service, in everyday practice.



The movement pursues the restoration of human dignity by human understanding of the material world and the spiritual world through revolution of consciousness. The GCS movement is an action-oriented social movement that aims at constructing a universal democratic society which guarantees liberty, equality and co-prosperity based on humanism, and a global common society in which both small and great countries enjoy equal rights and peaceful coexistence. The GCS movement’s ultimate goal is the building of a spiritually beautiful, materially affluent and humanly rewarding (BAR) Global Common Society (GCS) that transcends the differences of race, religion, ideology, and nationality.

The meeting was attended by Selma Li and Rick Shin from GCS Portland Chapter, María Borello from Guatemala, Ricardo Torres from Argentina, Raúl Pinzón from Colombia, Elvin Landrau from Puerto Rico, Mario Mandel from Chile, Hung Ki Kim from Venezuela, Marilu De Veer from Aruba, Anthony Ferguson from Trinidad and Tobago, Frenel Hostin from Haiti, Lianne Nicole Muller from Curacao, Wilmar Alvarado from Costa Rica, Victor Quishpe From Ecuador, David Askinas from United States and Alex Siliezar and Claudio Aranda from



“Humanity is now suffering because of the COVID-19, that is why I emphasis not only on World Taekwondo, but also missions like Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation and GCS. Ultimately, we are here to create a better society, with 44 chapters around the world, the GCS presence is expanding worldwide. Our Partnership with WT and other non-profit organizations will help us achieve this global missions” stated Dr. Choue, president of GCS International.

All the chapters are willing to help and cooperate each other at the Pan Am region in order to achieve the purpose of the movement. In that way meeting attendees expressed their commitment, ongoing and future plans to support GCS.



Another virtual meeting will be held with Pan Am region after the COVID-19 Virtual International Taekwondo Championships to give continuity to the projects mentioned by the chapters.


Alex Siliezar & Claudio Aranda, Exclusive


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