WT orders to cancel official events on April and May

South Korea - 2020/04/07 - WT issued the order from Seoul, South Korea to cancel all official events scheduled for April and May.

Record-breaking WT Championships get underway in Manchester


President of the World Taekwondo Chunwong Choue has ordered to cancel all official events from now until May.

The guideline is contained in an official letter issued from WT’s headquarters in Seoul, South Korea.


Postponed! Tokyo Olympics will be in 2021


“All events promoted and recognized by WT, including all G1 and G2 competitions, from now until the end of May will be postponed or canceled”, the document says.

This measure was given because of the threat posed by crowds or massive events, since they facilitate the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19 in case that an infected person attends.


2020 World Junior Championships keeps dates


In addition, the future for ‘post-May’ tournaments or events is not clear and their situation will be rigorously analyzed depending on the evolution of the pandemic.

“For the other WT events that are after May, we will monitor the situation and make the necessary arrangements, if necessary. We understand that there may be some interested parties who may be disappointed with this decision; but this is an inevitable decision to safeguard the health and safety of all”, said Choue.


WT reschedules dates for Wuxi 2021 World Championships


The Coronavirus COVID-19 started to spread the last December at a live animal market in Wuham, China; and it has already infected 826,250 people across the planet and 40,712 died as a result of this disease, according to the latest statistics by Johns Hopkins University – which keeps an updated map of the situation in real time.

The disease not only affects health, but also hits the pockets and Taekwondo is no exception.

Due to the so-called Wuham Coronavirus, prior to this WT guideline, Italy and Russia had to cancel the European Pre-Olympic and China the Asian.

WT Pan Am suspended its official tournaments and even the Tokyo 2020 Olympics were postponed.


Alex Siliezar & Esteban Mora, Exclusive


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