Poomsae World Champion Elif Aybüke Yılmaz gave an online class

Turkey - 2020/04/19 - Turkish Elif Aybüke Yılmaz gave a Poomsae class from her home through, as part of the initiative promoted by World Taekwondo Europe.


World Champion during the event held in Lima, Peru in October 2016, Elif Aybüke Yılmaz from Turkey, became the “Instructor’s Squad LIVE 4”, this series of virtual classes projected through, thanks to the partnership with the World Taekwondo Europe and the Spanish company Daedo.

Elif did not save anything and from her home in Turkey she gave an hour and a half training session, joining the series of elite athletes that make up the Instructor’s Squad such as Yousef Karami, Joël van der Weide, Jesús Tortosa, Vanja Stankovic or Paige McPherson, among others.

The alliance between WT Europe, and Daedo International also resulted in the organization of the first online Taekwondo tournament.

It will be from May 4 to 11 and is open to the public from all over the planet.


WTE, Daedo and MasTKD together in partnership to organize an historic event


If you want to register you can do it in two ways. The first must be done through the platform simply through the following link: for those who have a GAL license; However, those who do not have this enabling document and children may register through the following link:, which opens up the possibility of worldwide participation.

You can see the playlist here.


Alex Siliezar & Claudio Aranda, Exclusive


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