PATU cancels all the events scheduled for 2020 because of COVID-19

United States - 2020/04/01 - The last weekend WT Pan America announced the cancelation of all the events scheduled for 2020 due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

PATU cancels all the events scheduled for 2020 because of COVID-19


By email to all MNA presidents, the World Taekwondo Pan America (PATU) confirmed the cancelation of all remaining events in 2020 as a security measure against the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

These are the WT President’s Cup G2 in May, the Pan American Taekwondo Championships G4 and the Pan American Open G1 in June.

The events were scheduled in Spokane, Washington, United States, and Heredia, Costa Rica, respectively.

“This pandemic is spreading throughout the Pan American region. We have no choice but to cancel all the events promoted by PATU to protect our athletes and members”, says the document signed by the president, Ji Ho Choi.

But these are not the only events that are victims of the Wuhan Coronavirus, which started in a live animal market in China the previous December and spread in three months across the planet.


Postponed! Tokyo Olympics will be in 2021


The Asian and European Olympic Qualifiers were postponed for the same reason, as well as the Pan American Grand Slam – which was going to debut this year on the circuit.

On a larger scale, even the Olympics were rescheduled for 2021, as Japan asked the International Olympic Committee for the measure.

Choi’s message also highlights the positive of been able to complete the Pan American Olympic Classification, held on March 11 and 12 in Heredia, Costa Rica and clarifies: “However, this was our last event during the first half of this year.”


Alex Siliezar & Esteban Mora, Exclusive


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