Paige McPherson gave an online training from Miami

United States - 2020/04/26 - As part of the group of athletes and coaches recruited by the World Taekwondo Europe to provide online classes during the COVID-19 pandemic, Olympic and World medalist Paige McPherson shared her experience from Peak Performance headquarters.


Pan American Games Champion in Toronto 2015, triple Absolute Pan American Champion Caguas 2008, Querétaro 2016 and Spokane 2018, bronze at the London 2012 Olympics and medalist at the 2015 World Championships in Chelyabinsk, Russia and 2017 in Muju, South Korea, this athlete is characterized by her kind character outside the ring and her unwavering tenacity in competition.



Her hometown is Sturgis, South Dakota, but she was born in 1990 in Abilene, Texas and has lived in Miami, Florida for many years, where she is part of the team led by renowned coach Juan Moreno and his wife Marlen Ramírez Monroy, “Peak Performance ”.


Alex Siliezar & Claudio Aranda, Exclusive


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