George Hristescu keeps his students connected through virtual classes

United States - 2020/04/14 - These challenging times have brought out the best of people finding creative ways to still serve the community.

Taekwondo instructor keeping students connected, engaged through virtual classes
Master George Hristescu.


Quarantine at home for the win – that’s the mantra now for Chief Master George Hristescu.

“Do what we can do today and then push through this,” he said.

The doors may be pushed closed to the public at U.S. World Class Taekwondo in Bethany, but Hristescu is virtually wide open.

“We’ve got to respect the guidelines. Do our part for the greater good, right? Now, we are stuck at home but at least we can do some taekwondo, right?” Hristescu said.


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“To be honest with you, I was skeptical, OK? But now I am a believer, OK? This has been great for everyone,” he said.

It’s better than OK to his students at home as Hristescu and his instructors teach through Zoom classes with two meters of distance between and are offering free basic introductory courses through the screen for you.


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“We are doing all we can to continue to serve our students and the community,” Hristescu said. “It is really rough on us, but we have got to stay positive. If we just cave in… we are thinking about what kind of example we give our students, right? If they see me giving up, ‘Oh, those guys are just shut down, they just gave up.’ We are doing this until we can’t, that’s it.”


By: KPTV-KPDX Broadcasting Corporation

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