Taekwondo Europe postpones all non-essential events in March, April and May

International - 2020/03/10 - The Open European Para Championships, European Club Championships and the G4 European Championships (Seniors) are being postponed by Taekwondo Europe.

Taekwondo Europe postpones all non-essential events in March, April and May


The number of infected persons with the Corona COVID-19 virus rises every day and governments are taking measures to contain the virus. The reason for the postponement of the abovementioned non-essential events is the unpredictable nature of the outbreak of the Corona COVID-19 virus and most importantly the health of our athletes, coaches and participants.

Postponement and cancellation of the Olympic Games is according to the statement of Thomas Bach not considered. Therefore, the European Qualification Tournament (EQT) for the Tokyo Olympics is considered by Taekwondo Europe as an essential event. As the Taekwondo event in Tokyo takes place from 25 – 28 July 2020, Taekwondo Europe sees no other possibility than to proceed with the EQT in Russia as announced last week.


Dr. Choue: “We will continue working closely to minimize the risk of spreading the virus”


Postponement of the event would disadvantage our European athletes disproportionately. Teams attending the EQT are therefore urgently required to make all necessary preparations to travel to Moscow. In light of the recent travel restrictions imposed by Russia, all teams are urged take all necessary steps to make sure their respective teams are allowed access to enter the Russian Federation.

For the athletes qualified for the Olympics, the postponed G4 European Championship is of major importance. Taekwondo Europe will do its utmost to organize the event before the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games in order to make sure their best seeding position of our athletes is secured.

The G1 events in Europe are not covered by the decision of Taekwondo Europe. It is the responsibility and final decision of each federation and Organizing Committee whether or not to cancel the G1 event in their country. Taekwondo Europe does however urges all federations and OCs to bear in mind the health and safety of the participants and follow instructions of the (local) authorities.

All athletes that have already paid the entry fees of postponed event will either receive vouchers for the amount paid to WTE or have their application on file. Vouchers can be used at all future events of Taekwondo Europe. Please be informed that WTE nor the OCs accept any claims for reimbursement of incurred travel and accommodation costs.

Participation at WTE events is at the risk of the participating teams and all participants are expected to have their own travel, cancellation and medical insurance.


World Taekwondo Europe.


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