Official WT Hall of Fame about to be launched

Egypt - 2020/03/08 - The World Taekwondo recently appointed to the WT Vice President Gen. Ahmed Fouly from Egypt as Chair of the WT Hall of Fame Committee that will have the first inductees in Sofia, Bulgaria in October.


The World Taekwondo Hall of Fame was created in occasion of the General Assembly held in Manchester on 2019, and after some months organizing the bylaws, recently Dr. Chungwon Choue, President of the WT, sent the appointment to the WT Vice President Gen. Ahmed Fouly, as the chair of the WT Hall of Fame Committee.

“I’m very proud to have this position, for me it’s an honor as a Senior Vice President, to can serve to the Taekwondo Family again, I will do my best in order to stand out the career of Taekwondo people that deserves to be part of the history”, said Gen. Fouly in exclusive to MasTKD.com


General Ahmed Fouly: "Africa is getting stronger"


The first inductees would be announced at the Extraordinary Council Meeting in Lausanne, on May 12th, this would allow WT enough time to invite and honour the inductees in Sofia, Bulgaria, in October, on occasion of the World Taekwondo Junior Championships.

Gen. Fouly together with Mr. Secretary General Hoss Rafaty and other Hall of Fame committee members will be in charge to select the inductees that will be part of the Taekwondo history.


Alex Siliezar, Exclusive MasTKD.com


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