Europe united to prevent spread of COVID-19

Netherlands - 2020/03/22 - Sakis Pragalos president of the World Taekwondo Europe urge for understanding to all MNAs and call to keep calm and stay safe at their places, after a letter sent to all the continent.

The president of the World Taekwondo Europe has been in close contact with all MNAs since the pandemic situation started, he encouraged and suggested all organizing committees of many schedule events, to postponed or cancel due to the COVID-19.

Recently he sent a letter to all MNAs to express his compassion and understanding to all Taekwondo family across Europe. “I recognize the impact of the coronavirus to our MNAs, our athletes and the entire Taekwondo family; I appreciate your understanding and support in this crisis”, said WTE president.


Breaking news: European Qualification Tournament postponed


Since the pandemic situation was announced, most events were postponed and canceled, such as Spanish Open, Belgian Open, and Europe Qualification Tournament for Tokyo 2020.

“My thoughts are always with you and our athletes. Remember to remind yourselves, your families, athletes, coaches, and everyone to be vigilant about washing their hands and stay home as much as possible, because health and safety comes first in such situations”, finished Pragalos in his letter to all MNAs, who is in contact with

Attached you will find official letter sent.


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