Coronavirus: Asian Olympic Qualification Tournament suspended in China

CHINA - 2020/02/21 - MasTKD was informed by World Taekwondo authorities, that the Asian Qualification Tournament that would be held in Wuxi, China, in April, will no longer be held in that country. MasTKD Español.


The “Asian Qualification Tournament for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games”, to be held in Wuxi, China on April 10 and 11, was suspended and the WT already set up a new venue.

If we talk about the global humanitarian crisis that already exceeds 2,500 deaths in China and we refer only to sports, the coronavirus forces to cancel dozens of events that could seriously disrupts the Olympic Games “Tokyo 2020”.

The Pre-Olympic tournament such as basketball, soccer or boxing moved their venues outside of China and a larger number of championships are postponed or canceled as is the case of the Chinese Formula 1 Grand Prix scheduled for April 19 in Shanghai.

According to the information that MasTKD could access this Thursday, the Asian Olympic Qualification Tournament will be held in Jordan, in the same dates stablished for that event, and at the same place that the “8th The Hassaan Open Tournament 2020 G1” was recently held.

Wuxi is a very important place for the World Taekwondo, since it is the place where the Grand Slam takes place, it will host the World Cup by teams this year and is also the place chosen to host the 2021 World Championships.


Alex Siliezar & Claudio Aranda, Exclusive MasTKD.com


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