WT Confirms competition uniform for Tokyo 2020

International - 2020/01/30 - The Word Taekwondo confirmed to all MNA’s what will be the competition uniform for the “Tokyo 2020” Olympic Games. MasTKD Español.

WT Confirms competition uniform for Tokyo 2020


As MasTKD published at the end of last year during the WT Gala Dinner held in Moscow, Russia, the top of the competition uniform will be the same as the presented at the Test Event and in the Grand Prix Final, while the pants trousers will also maintain a traditional shape but with a slimmer thigh and knee (width).



It is important to note that this uniform will be mandatory for the Olympic Games, but it will be optional at any other WT-recognized and promoted events until further notice.



On the other hand, any MNA that wishes to print the design of its national flag on the trouser must do it according to very defined standards.

  • National flag design/pattern can be printed on the outer side of the left leg of the trousers.
  • National flag design/pattern should be located vertically and 30cm above the bottom edge of the trousers.
  • The maximum size of flag design must be within 15cm x 30cm (W x H).

A very important fact to note is that WT requested information on the sponsorship agreements of each MNA, sending a questionnaire that must be completed and submitted before February 5, 2020.



Alex Siliezar & Claudio Aranda, Exclusive


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