Jung Heon Kim WT Poomsae Committee Chair: “Poomsae competition format has been changed dramatically”

South Korea - 2019/12/26 - With the occasion of the WT Poomsae Technical Meeting recently held in Taekwondowon, Korea, MasTKD talked in exclusive with Master Jung Heon Kim, Poomsae Committee Chairman about the drastic changes that the Poomsae format competition has been having, and how is the WT Poomsae committee preparing in order to improve the rules and regulations.


As he says at the interview, the refereeing at Poomsae is not 100% objective as in the Kyorugi, that is why they have been focusing a lot on the referees education, but after the inclusion of the Poomsae at the GP Series in Rome this year, the Committee has been working a lot in an education program that would be similar as the Kyourgi, this with the goal of to have the same concepts for athletes, coaches and referees all over the world, and standardize competitions to can improve the Poomsae and take it to the next level.



MasTKD had access to the WT Poomsae Technical Meeting last November, where many coaches from all over the world, and referees had a chance to share opinions about the competition rules and even the Poomsaes, to can unify criteria and spread the same knowledge to all Poomsae practitioners.

The WT Poomsae Committee is working very hard to change what it needs to be changed and have the chance to perform sometime at the Olympic Games. That is why more changes will come to the discipline and soon we will announce them trough MasTKD.com.


Alex Siliezar, Exclusive MasTKD.com


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