Ali Sağirkaya: “Cadet athletes should compete by height divisions”

Turkey - 2019/12/02 - After his research that included more than thousand athletes, the European leader and Auditor from WT Ali Sağirkaya from Turkey, will present his project results at the Council Meeting that will be carried out on December 5th in Moscow, Russia. MasTKD.com talked in exclusive with him.

Ali Sağirkaya: “Cadet athletes should compete by height divisions”


Europe has always been a world power in Taekwondo, with many Olympic medalists, and having a strong organization that has allowed them to achieve the success in everything they set up on their pathway.

Recently MasTKD.com had the opportunity to talk in exclusive with one of their leaders, Mr. Ali Sağirkaya from Turkey, who has been working with Turkish Taekwondo Federation, the European Taekwondo Union and the World Taekwondo from many years ago, and had achieved many special moments for the Taekwondo at his long and successful career.


Europe has been growing a lot, and has been having many events of great level, what is your opinion about it?

Europe has a great leader first of all and a wonderful team working behind. All team we take care about Europe and take care about European athletes’ performance. Almost every day we are a team, we are communicating and spending time for new projects. These all good efforts and good jobs has been seen by MNA’s and with their happiness, their big and strong support we are going to future with confidence.


What do you think about de WTE program Generation 24?

Gen 24 project will bring a target for young athletes and direct them to be achieve first step of victory.


Talking about WT, do you agree that the institution is at its best moment now?

I believe that we are at the best moment of all times, but never is enough, so we will keep working hard in order to see our beloved sport and martial art at the top of everything.



After many years working with WT, what do you think is the greatest strength of the institution?

Under the leadership of our president Dr. Chungwon Choue, he are working in the same path to keep Taekwondo at the Olympic program, and giving to all the people around the world the chance to practice a martial art with the best management, that is why one of the things I believe is one of the greatest strengths is the fair management and transparency.


Talking about Turkey, what do you think that is the secret to keep the team, at so high level all the time?

Professional and teamwork behind all levels of national teams. We take care of every practitioner in Turkey, no matter the age, because the kids are always the Olympic medals of the future.


How do you see Europe for Tokyo 2020?

l think Europe will be the most successful continent in terms of medals for those Olympic Games, because as I said, we have been working together and very close each other to warranty the success of our athletes.


How do you see Turkey for Tokyo 2020?

we are on the way to go with the biggest participation of athletes ever from Turkey and hopefully most medals too.


What is the research you have been doing?

I have been working for cadet athlete’s height categories (SAĞIRKAYA METHOD) more than 10 months and finally I finish my research and will bringing out to the council meeting Moscow, Russia at December 5th. I measured more than 1000 athletes from more than 80 countries and proudly I can say that we will save our children’s health with this project and won’t have more extremely rapid weight loss and no more obesity at our Cadet athletes. I believe this will be a very historical step forward for world Taekwondo.


Video of the interview made at the Grand Prix Final 2018 Fujairah, when Turkey got the MasTKD award of best female athlete of the year and best female team of the year


Alex Siliezar, Exclusive MasTKD.


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