World Taekwondo Europe launches “Generation 24”

International - 2019/11/06 - The World Taekwondo Europe (WTE) starts its “Generation 24” plan, which focuses on maximizing opportunities for cadets and juniors in search of generating large stars for “Paris 2024”. MasTKD Español.

World Taekwondo Europe launches “Generation 24” spoke with WTE authorities who presented this innovative strategic plan seeking to provide events for the European community, mainly to boost children, cadets and juniors divisions, with the intention to continue leading continental unions in the race to the Olympic Games 2024

Based on that idea, the “Generation 24” policy is based on the implementation of regional events for children and Cadets, where the medalists will obtain a place at the “Grand Finale”, an exclusive contest for the winners. The venue and host country is still to be defined.

Why Generation 24?

Jade Jones (GBR), Haby Niaré (FRA), Bradly Sinden (GBR), are some examples of European athletes who had results at the Cadet and Junior level and subsequently obtained gold and silver medals at the World Taekwondo Championships and Olympic Games.

We all know that just only a few kids and cadets manages to reach an Olympic or World Championships level, that is why “Generation 24” seeks to offer kids and cadets tools so that they can compete satisfactorily at the international level and be able to develop what it takes to become a successful Senior competitor.


World Taekwondo Europe launches “Generation 24”

How does it work?

Europe is divided into five regions. In each region, children and cadets compete to win a place in the “Grand Finale”, this is exclusive for athletes in that area; so athletes from other areas cannot participate. At the end of the year, each region will have a a gold, a silver and two bronze medallists in each weight division. These medalists will automatically qualify for the final event where the great champion will be defined.

Generation 24 will be implemented, in a yearly basis, starting 2020 . This will also include the European Ranking System for children and cadet categories.

To close with gold gasp, at the end of each year, WTE will recognze the Top 3 of the Ranking of each division.


Sonia Vásquez, Claudio Aranda & Alex Siliezar.


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