Ranking in Poomsae will be used for the first time

South Korea - 2019/09/20 - MasTKD spoke with WT authorities, who gave the exclusive that the Poomsae Ranking will be used in the Herning 2020 World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships in Denmark. MasTKD Español.

Ranking in Poomsae will be used for the first time


The WT Sport Department informed MasTKD that the Poomsae Ranking will be published shortly in order to use it in the World Championship to be held in Herning, Denmark from May 21 to 24 next year. This shows the professionalism with which WT is handling the promotion of Poomsae worldwide. .

On the other hand, the WT authorities indicated that the first event that added points in the Free Style division was the 2019 Chungju World Martial Arts Masterships which took place from September 1 to 3, event categorized as G1. From that event on, the WT will schedule the events that add points for the Free Style.

Although the Free Style debuted in the Ranking in the 2019 Chungju event, it is important to mention that the Traditional Poomsae ranking has been active for sme time but has not been made public.

From “Herning 2020” the history will change because Poomsae will enjoy the same treatment as combat, both in Traditional and Free Style.
Ranking in Free Style

WT informed that that first event held in Chungju added points only for the individual divisions (male and female), so it remains to be determined whether or not the other categories of Poomsae will add up points for the next year’s Poomsae World Championship.

MasTKD will continue publishing about the Poomsae Ranking in more detail soon.


Sonia Vasquez, Alex Siliezar & Claudio Aranda, Exclusive MasTKD.com


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