Poomsae, in serious risk of being out of the Pan American Games

United States - 2019/07/05 - The registration of an athlete in more than two events of Poomsae, would put at risk the modality in Pan American Games Lima 2019. MasTKD Español


The president of the Pan-American World Taekwondo (PATU), Ji Ho Choi, confirmed to MasTKD.com that the Poomsae modality at Pan American Games Lima 2019 would be in danger.

According to Choi, the reason for the exclusion of the modality is because, the delegations with quota, registered the same athlete in more than two events, something that is prohibited by the World Federation (WT).

If the registrations are corrected, the Poomsae competition in Lima 2019 would be:   Freestyle, Individual Poomsae and Pair Team Poomsae .

At the moment of issuing this note, out of the six qualified delegations, only the United States and Guatemala complied with the instructions to modify the registrations.

“The Freestyle participants can compete in an additional event, (…) the WT regulation is also clear that also another Freestyle member can be in traditional Poomsae. (…) This must be corrected immediately, (…) the athlete who is registered in three events will be immediately disqualified in the competition area before starting his participation. This means that one or more teams can be disqualified from the Games” said Choi said via text message to a MasTKD team last Wednesday afternoon.




The PATU president emphasized that they will be zero tolerant to member national associations that do not correct registration errors immediately and will seek the maximum sanctions against those institutions for not complying with the PATU and WT rules.

In case the registrations are not corrected, Poomsae will not only lose right to participate in the Pan American Games, but, also in the other continental Multisport Games, such as the Central American Games , Central American and Caribbean Games, Bolivarian Games, South American Games and the Pan American Games.

For Lima 2019 Poomsae competition, the countries that got their qualification were: Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, the United States, Canada and Peru, the latter by free pass for being the host country.


Claudio Aranda, Esteban Mora & Alex Siliezar Exclusive MasTKD.
Translation: Sonia Vásquez


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