Clarification: About the monkey and fish kick

United Kingdom - 2019/05/16 - In previous days, information was published on this site about the monkey and fish kick; that is why I must come forward to clarify this issue. MasTKD Español

Clarification: About the monkey and fish kick


First of all, and before making the clarification, I want to apologize to the Taekwondo international community, to MasTaekwondo, to the World Taekwondo Federation, and personally to Songchul Kim, WT Referee Committee Chariman. I do it, taking full responsibility as the journalist who wrote the article and also on a personal basis.

I published that the Monkey Kick and the Fish Kick would return to the ring after the Manchester 2019 World Taekwondo Championships Head of Team Meeting. I stated and published that it was so, due to an involuntary error and lack of precision and rigorousness.

I make this clarification, first, because I induced to an error and for publishing a completely wrong information that went viral; and secondly, for not completing the reporting process as dictated by practice. That is why, in honor of the truth and the facts, it is not right that this situation be ignored and kept in silence, something that I have often criticized.

I generated confusion and therefore, I repeat, I apologize to you dear Reader, to the World Taekwondo Federation and to Master Songchul Kim, to whom I personally apologized.


Esteban Mora.


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