PATU President Ji Ho Choi New Year’s Message

United States - 2019/01/02 - On behalf of the Pan American Taekwondo Union Executive Committee and council, I would like to extend our sincere wishes to you and your Federation for the 2019 New Year of Golden Pig!

PATU President Ji Ho Choi New Year's Message


2019 is planning out to be another exciting year busy with events scheduled throughout the year. The following list of events are scheduled to take place in this year.

  1. World Taekwondo G Ranking Events:

U.S. Open (Feb.), Dominican Republic Open (March), Puerto Rico Open (April), Mexico Open (April), Costa Rica Open (Aug.), Argentina Open (Sep.), Canada Open (Sep.), Chile Open (TBD), and Pan Am Open (June), WT President’s Cup (Oct.)

  1. WT Pan America Events:

Qualification Tournament for Lima 2019 Pan Am Games & Para Pan Am Games: Santo Domingo,

Dominican Republic, March 7~8

Pan Am Cadet and Junior Poomsae and Gyoroogi Championships, and Pan Am Para-TKD Championships, WT Pan America Bi-Annual General Assembly: (June / Place to be announced).

  1. WT Pan America Educational Seminars and Courses:

WT/ WT Pan America Coach Permit Courses: Prior to various WT PAN AMERICA and WT G Events WT Pan America Instructor Certification Course and WT Pan America Dan Test: Various MNAs.

  1. Pan Am Sports/ODEPA Event:

Lima 2019 Pan Am Games: Lima, Peru / July 26~29

Lima 2019 Para Pan Am Games: Lima, Peru / Aug. 30~31

  1. WT Pan Am Continent Qualification Tournament for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games: San Jose, Costa Rica / March 11, 2020.


Ji Ho Choi, PATU President revealed important information


As we finalize all preparations for 2019 Lima Pan Am Games, I am pleased to announce that the official Technical Manual for the Games is updated and completed in past December. The updated Official Technical Manual will be distributed by the OC of Lima via your National Olympic Committees in early 2019. Our total athlete quota for Lima is now 140 with 109 Kyorugi, plus newly approved Poomsae athlete quota of 31. These best athletes of Pan America will be selected through the qualification tournament to be held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in March. WT Pan America will select 24 international referees and 6 Video Review Juries for the Lima Pan Am Games scheduled in July for 3 days of competition in 2 competition areas. Please submit your referee recommendations for the Pan Am Games and your MNA events scheduled for the New Year at your earliest convenience.

Together with WT event schedule, 2019 WT Pan America event schedule is very extensive and busy for all members of the WT Pan America family. Please remember that WT Pan America EXCO and Council will always be available to assist and support you to be successful in the New Year.


PATU President's Ji Ho Choi New Year's Message


In closing, please prepare your best athletes for the qualification tournament for Lima 2019 Pan Am Games to be held in Santo Domingo for your MNA to plan ahead. All detailed information for the event and other PATU events will be posted on the WT Pan America website, prior to each event. Always refer to WTF Event Schedule for the latest changes and updates.

Thank you always for your continued support for the WT Pan America leadership and I look forward to working with you towards a successful 2019!


Grand Master Ji Ho Choi
Pan American Taekwondo Union
Vice President, World Taekwondo
Executive Board Member, ACODEPA


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