MasTKD Awards 2018: The awards that travelled around the world

International - 2019/01/15 - The MasTKD Awards were awarded at the Gala that ended the Taekwondo season in 2018. Who were the winners? MasTKD tells you all the details! MasTKD Español.

Ali Sagirkaya (TUR) WT Council Member.


The 2018 Taekwondo season closed in November with the Grand Prix Final and the Team World Cup held in Fujairah, east of the Arab Emirate.

Taking the opportunity that “la crème de la crème” of Taekwondo will be present, MasTKD awarded the MasTKD Awards as a recognition of the high performance of athletes, referees and teams by gender, in a popular and worldwide election that took less than three weeks.

A hybrid team, formed by family and analysts from the World Federation chose 48 figures from Global Taekwondo, after a thorough analysis of performance and results.

According to Google Analitycs and Alexa, votes were obtained from 183 countries from five continents and more than 250 thousand unique visits that resulted in the win of Anthony Obame (Gabon), Irem Yamán (Turkey), Turkey, Russia, Hyung-yu Claire Chen (Taipei) and Maher Magableh (Australia) in their respective categories.


Stanislav Khan (RUS).


The methodology of choice of the athletes’ lists waere based on all those who participated in the first three Grand Prix of the year, plus their results in the continental championships. Then, we added the points of the Olympic ranking up to October. The first eight formed the athlete´s group.

Regarding the team list, the criteria mentioned above was based on collective results. As far as referees is concerned, a group of expert analysts collaborating with the World Federation made the choice.

The official awards were delivered after the Grand Prix Final in Fujairah where had special coverage.


Anthony Obame (GAB).


As the best male athlete, Anthony Obame received 35.82% of the total support, being supported by a strong media campaign in his native Gabon and throughout Africa.

“It is an honor to receive this award, because the truth is that there are many competitors who have made a phenomenal season. And winning the awards is a real pride and I want to thank the Lord, because I am a Christian; and also to thank all the people who supported me “; He said in an exclusive interview.



Obame surpassed very famous athletes such as the South Korean and three times world champion Dae Hong Lee, who was left behind in third place with just over 16% of the votes.

  1. Anthony Mylann Obame (GAB) 35.82%
  2. Vladislav Larin (RUS) 20.55%
  3. Dae-Hoon Lee (KOR) 16.15%
  4. Armin Hadipour Seighalani (IRI) 9.23%
  5. Maksim Khramtcov (RUS) 7.23%
  6. Edival Pontes (BRA) 5.43%
  7. Jesus Tortosa Cabrera (ESP) 3.03%
  8. Tae-Hun Kim (KOR) 2.55%

In the division of best female athlete, Irem Yamán won with a surprise flip of votes in less than 24 hours. The Turkish also won the prize for best competitor of 2018 by the World Federation.

Yamán swept the MasTKD Awards with 52% of the vote, leaving behind athletes such as Jade Jones, Lauren Williams and Mate Jelic.

  1. Irem Yaman (TUR) 52.81%
  2. Matea Jelic (CRO) 17.39%
  3. Jade Jones (GBR) 14.82%
  4. Lauren Williams (GBR) 9.03%
  5. Aleksandra Kowalczuk (POL) 2.8%
  6. So-Hui Kim (KOR) 1.47%
  7. Mengyu Zhang (CHN) 0.93%
  8. Hyeri Oh (KOR) 0.75%

But that was not the only award that went to Turkey. The Ottoman women’s team also received recognition for the best women’s team with the support of five out of ten votes.

The awards for Turkey were received by the WT executive member Ali Sagirkaya, who said he was extremely proud of the work of the Turkish Taekwondo Federation.



  1. Turkey (TUR) 45.28%
  2. Great Britain (GBR) 17.02%
  3. Croatia (CRO) 15.75%
  4. Russia (RUS) 11.3%
  5. Brazil (BRA) 4.85%
  6. Korea (KOR) 3.16%
  7. Canada (CAN) 1.35%
  8. China (CHN) 1.29%

“This means a lot because it represents the hard work we did for this. We are happy because these statistics support the professional work of our team and athletes to compete at this level, “said MasTKD Sagirkaya.

The recognition for the best men team was for Russia. The Asian-Europeans won 27% of the support in this category, winning the match to teams like Iran and South Korea.

Stanislav Khan, Russian director of national teams highlighted the teamwork that has helped to get results and ended in this important recognition.

  1. Russia (RUS) 27.46%
  2. Korea (KOR) 16.87%
  3. Uzbekistan (UZB) 14.49%
  4. Iran (IRI) 13.29%
  5. Great Britain (GBR) 9.92%
  6. Brazil (BRA) 8.99%
  7. Spain (ESP) 5.92%
  8. Mexico (MEX) 3.06%

“Many thanks to all the fans who supported us and followed us (in a strong media campaign in Russia), this has been very rewarding. Thank you very much, ” Khan commented briefly.



The best male referee was the Australian Maher Magableh, who started an impressive climb in the last three days of voting. He had 42% of the support, taking more than 14 points from its closest rival.

  1. Maher Magableh (AUS) 42.66%
  2. Eid Fairooz Mesmari (UAE) 26.85%
  3. Tarik Benradi (MAR) 9.64%
  4. Guillermo Rodríguez (VEN) 6.03%
  5. Andrey Khegay (RUS) 6.01%
  6. Marcelo Rezende (BRA) 3.1%
  7. Daniel Khorassandjian (LIB) 3.06%
  8. Walid Younes (SUI) 2.65%

“Thanks to all. (…) This is great, thanks guys. I started in the martial arts doing karate, in school and then I discovered Taekwondo… shortly afterwards I began refereeing, “said the Australian.



Finally, the category of best female referee was Hyung-yu Claire Chen, 32% of votes. The Chinese Taipei led from the first week of election and managed to hold on top.

The Asian referee had a great support in her country thanks to the fact that her postulation reached the mass media.



  1. Hung-yu Claire Chen (TPE) 32.1%
  2. Julie Dib (LIB) 24.25%
  3. Ksenija Levai (SRB) 19.98%
  4. Renata Crkvenac (CRO) 7.93%
  5. Jennet Lee (MAS) 6%
  6. Paula Remirez Ruiz (ESP) 4.97%
  7. Amely Moras (USA) 3.28%
  8. Jasna Golubič (SLO) 1.49%

The MasTKD Awards are the recognition from the public, fans and everyone around the world to the best in Taekwondo, chosen in an objective and innovative way.   The MasTKD Awards are awarded annually during the last official event of the season.


Exclusive MasTKD Team.


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