Chakir Chelbat: “Para-Taekwondo will shine in Tokyo 2020”

Sweden - 2018/08/09 - After Chakir Chelbat took over as WT Para Technical Chairman and Para Referee Chairman, a promising future can be seen for this discipline in constant growth. MasTKD Español.

Chakir Chelbat: "Para-Taekwondo will shine in Tokyo 2020"


The Swedish referee who was Director of the WT Referee Commission for several years, has been appointed as WT Para Technical Chairman and Para Referee Chairman,  and he is already working for the benefit of athletes and to maintain the status within the Paralympic program, “I am very grateful for the opportunity Dr. Choue, President of the WT, has given me to build a strong and professional Referee Commission. I am aware that under his leadership and good governance the Para-Taekwondo will shine in Tokyo 2020.”

Chelbat has already visited different continental unions to explore what is the leader´s perception about Para-Taekwondo. Additionally, he has already offered the first referee seminar for this discipline during the Para Pan American Championship held in Spokane, Washington, “the possibility is open for all who want to be Para-Taekwondo referees; the only requirement is to have the IR license. In Spokane it was an excellent experience as PATU, led by its president, Ji Ho Choi, is one of the continental unions that is making efforts to promote Para-Taekwondo, proof of this was the active referee participation that took place in that seminar.”


Chakir Chelbat: "Para-Taekwondo will shine in Tokyo 2020"


The dates in which the seminars to be a certified Para-Taekwondo Referee in the different continental unions will be soon announced. The objective of these seminars is to educate and professionalize referees around the world and also open a new window of participation for those who like to be immersed in Taekwondo.

“Similar to the conditions of International Referees, a Para-Taekwondo referee must be in good shape, know the rules thoroughly and have experiences in other international events as the goal is to form a solid team for Tokyo 2020. Para-Taekwondo rules have some differences: such as: a video replay can be requested at any time for any action. Another example is the prohibited actions which are almost the same as the conventional rules, plus some other details, such as the prohibition of kicks to the head.”


Chakir Chelbat: "Para-Taekwondo will shine in Tokyo 2020"


For the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games the competition will include the three divisions of male and female weight categories established in the competition rules. It should be remembered that these three divisions are exclusively for the kyorugi athletes with some disability in the upper body (one arm or both). In Tokyo 2020 there will be no Poomsae. “As I have done previously, I will work tirelessly to develop a higher level in the referee area, and therefore have more professional skills that will generate an increase in the number of competitors globally.”


Chakir Chelbat: "Para-Taekwondo will shine in Tokyo 2020"


Chelbat was recently appointed by Dr. Choue as Technical Director for the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, and is already preparing strategies to make the event a success.


Alex Siliezar & Claudio Aranda, Exclusive MasTKD.com
Translation: Sonia Vásquez


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