Countdown to WT President’s Cup 2018 amid much expectancy

Greece - 2018/04/23 - The 3rd edition of the WT President’s Cup, Europe met the predictions and surpassed the previous two with a new record of participation. The significant international G-Ranking event fascinates the Taekwondo public and thus, achieved to growth the excitement year by year.

Countdown to WT President’s Cup 2018 amid much expectancy


As a result, the 2018 version of the tournament attracted 2500 international athletes from 63 countries and 5 continents, 586 clubs and 710 officials and proved to have the competence in record-breaking.

It is worth mentioning that, during the first three hours of the opening of the registration on 20 February 2018, 1500 registrations were made according to the Online Event Registration Overview something that endorses the great enthusiasm of the public in partaking to the superior event.

Event Throwback

The innovating event made its debut in the European continent during 2016 in the city of Bonn in Germany and one year later in Athens, Greece and was included in the 2017 Top 3 Ranked Events by athletes’ participation.

Nevertheless the fact that it was a brand-new tournament among its existing ones, the WT President’s Cup achieved to be established between the Taekwondo continental unions at forthwith.

The milestone of the G-2 Tournament success was the innovation that all the medalists from all three (3) competition categories were automatically qualified for the European Taekwondo Championships of the respective age category.

The elite participations 2018

The supremacy of the event is highlighted again this year by the participation of top-class Taekwondo athletes who will be present at “Ano Liosia Olympic Hall” in Athens two weeks prior the WTE European Championships in Kazan, Russia. Athletes who managed to achieve places on the winners’ podium during the Olympic Games, World and European Championships.

Therefore, the 3rd WT President’s Cup welcomes two Olympic, World and European Champions, Radik Isayev from Azerbaijan and Joel Gonzalez Bonilla of Spain.

Also, the Russian holder of the Silver Olympic Medal in Rio 2016 and Bronze in London 2012, Alexey Deniskenko will give his present with the Azerbaijani Beigi Harchegani Milad who won the bronze medal in the Olympic Games 2016 and the title of the European Champion in Montreux during the same year (2016).

The World silver medallist Vladislav Larin (RUS) will be also present among with the European Champions Mourad Laachraoui (BEL), Rui Braganca (POR) and Aaron Cook (MDA).

From the women scope, the holder of two Olympic medals – Silver in London 2012 and Bronze in Rio 2016- World and European Champion Nur Tatar from Turkey and Patimat Abakarova (AZE) – Bronze medallist Rio2016 will travel to Athens for the outstanding event. Among them, the World and European Champion Irem Yaman (TUR) and silver World medallist and European Champion Tatiana Kudashova of Russia will also attend the massive event.

Hence, forty-eight hours prior the 3rd WT President’s Cup 2018, the organizer World Taekwondo Europe (WTE) and the supporter South Greek Taekwondo Union (ETANE) of the extraordinary event are ready to welcome all the athletes at “Ano Liosia Olympic Hall” in Athens during the dates 25-29 April with one major goal∙ to create a memorable experience to all the contestants and audience.


MasTKD Team by WTE.

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