THF joins international #withrefugees coalition

International - 2017/09/13 - This summer, the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation joined over 200 organisations in an international coalition under UNHCR’s guidance, to promote tolerance and respect for people forced to flee through Taekwondo.

THF joins international #withrefugees coalition


Members of UNHCR’s #WithRefugee Coalition help amplify the #WithRefugees message by bringing together diverse organisations with a shared commitment to refugees, making it a unique and historic opportunity to create a global movement behind the refugee cause.

The coalition aims to demonstrate global unity in support for displaced populations in a time where helping such people has taken a negative stance. This will help send a strong message to world leaders who are due to adopt a Global Compact on refugees in 2018, a historic document aiming at better defining the way to respond to refugee crises.


THF: ‘Help Us Empower the World’s Most Powerless Children’


With its taekwondo academies based in different refugee camps around the world, the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation is providing young people with important physical as well as psychological skills helping them lead more fulfilling lives and have hope for a better future. Taekwondo is a low-cost yet high-impact vehicle to empower refugees by offering them a fun physical activity that is good for both the mind and the body, while transmitting important skills and values fostering responsible and active world citizenship.

This, along with a combined effort of all other members of the coalition, aims at helping to improve the lives of all refugees around the world by focusing on three areas:

  • Education: every refugee child should get an education
  • Shelter: every refugee family should have somewhere to live
  • Livelihood: every refugee should be able to work or learn new skills to support their family.

A community map is available online to see the various initiatives from organisations part of the coalition worldwide Here.




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