Chakir Chelbat: “Taekwondo is my passion”

International - 2017/06/20 - The Director of the World Taekwondo Federation Referee Commission, Chakir Chelbat, started practicing sports when he was only four.  Today, MasTKD shows you an unknown facet of his story.



Born in Morocco and in charge of the WT Referee Commission since 2010, Chelbat strives everyday to implement the necessary changes to make Taekwondo mature.

This task involves a continuous training program of all referees worldwide and a permanent intercommunication between the Commission members.  “Along with the WT Technical Committee, we are always analyzing different events around the world to improve every detail to make our sport even more exciting and appealing to the public,” said Chelbat during the conversation with




From a family of Taekwondo practitioners, Chakir was impressed when he first stepped on the dojang. “I started in Morocco at the age of four thanks to my father and my six brothers who also practice the sport. Unlike other children, who leave school to play soccer or basketball, our passion was always Taekwondo.  It was not easy for our parents to raise seven children; for the same reason they practiced a sports activity that, in addition to distracting us, gave us something more; as time went by, I am convinced that they made the right decision, because Taekwondo taught us values and discipline.”  the International Referee told MasTKD exclusively.

When asked about how he had become a referee, Chakir replied that when he was a kid, he saw there were a lot of referee mistakes and their judgments left a lot to be desired.  Those facts, somehow made Taekwondo lose credibility.  It was then when he made up his mind to become a referee and try to contribute to change this situation and make Taekwondo more objective and impartial.




“Ever since Dr. Choue took over the presidency of the World Federation, I knew that everything would change, that excited me even more and motivated me to set the goal I had ever dreamed of. It was now possible”, emphasized Chakir.

Chakir says that thanks to the leadership of the current president, Taekwondo is much more dynamic, attractive and has become a global sport.

His charisma and commitment to Taekwondo values and philosophy, have made Dr. Choue an undisputed and practically irreplaceable figure. These have been the words of many referees worldwide when consulting their opinion about him and his leadership.




“I am very grateful to Dr. Choue for the trust he has placed in me since he has insisted that the referee commission must be independent; also, we have a direct and constant communication with him carefully checking every rule and the selection of referees for each competition. We are on the right track and I am confident that Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will show the best games n Taekwondo history” concluded Chakir Chelbat.


Alex Korram, Exclusive
Translation: Sonia Trujillo


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