WTF Council Member: “We promise we will change based on your observations”

Colombia - 2017/03/15 - Anthony Ferguson from Trinidad & Tobago and a WTF Executive Council member, promised to change the rules based on feedback from coaches and competitors. MasTKD Español

WTF Council Member: "We promise we will change based on your observations”


During the technical meeting, before the 5th International Force Army Open G1 kick off, being held in Colombia,  Anthony Ferguson asked all the Taekwondo community to stay calm if some human errors” may happen during the coming G1 tournaments. We are starting to implement the rule changes now so that Tokyo2020 becomes the most most successful eventin the history”.

During the press conference Ferguson asked Taekwondo participants to express their suggestions on the new rules in order to improve them.


Chakir Chelbat: “People are very happy with the new regulations”


“Please be patient, we are beginning with this change and it is a process, so that Tokyo 2020 becomes the most successful event. We have improved our rules in recent years and we promise that we will change bases on your observations in order to Taekwondo. We asked for your calm, patientience and your collaboration”, said Ferguson.

The 5th International Force Army Open this year has the G1 category, which means that it will award points to the WTF World Ranking.


Esteban Mora, Exclusive
Translated by Lisethe Salcido

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