Bid registration deadline extended

South Korea - 2017/03/17 - The Bid Registration deadline for WTF events 2018-2020 is now extended to 14th April 2017. This extension reflects lots of requests from the bidders in need of more time for their internal processes.

If any WTF member association is interested in hosting the WTF event(s) between 2018-2020, it has the opportunity to send its Bid Registration to the WTF Event Department at Upon completion of the Registration, over a month of interactive consultation the WTF Event Department will duly follow to assist with submission of Bid Files.

Only registered bidders will be eligible for consideration in later stages.

Milestones for this host city selection process are as follows.

  • APR 14th [Registration]: Deadline for Bid Registration
  • MAY 19th [Application]: Deadline for Bid File submission
  • JUN 8th [Evaluation]: Expert Group’s evaluation
  • JUN 22nd [Selection]: Bidders’ Presentation & Host City Selection at the WTF Council Meeting (Muju, Korea)


The list of events to find host cities in Muju, Korea :


All the relevant information and the format of Bid Registration can be found on the following link.


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