Which electronic protectors will be used at upcoming official WTF events?

The following will be the systems of electronic chest guard and head protectors Daedo or KP & P, which will be used in the coming up WTF official events.



The Executive Council of the WTF, on the recommendation of its Committee of Electronic Protectors, has decided which will be the masks and electronic helmets that will be used for the next international events.

MasTKD had access to this information and with the intention of making a fair competition for all countries wishing to participate in these events, we present the final distribution by system and / or brand:



  • 2017 Grand Prix Series I
  • 2017 Grand Prix Series III
  • 2017 Cadets World Championships
  • 2017 Grand Prix Final
  • 2017 World Team Championships


  • 2016 Grand Prix Final
  • 2016 World Team Championships
  • 2017 World Absolute Championships
  • 2017 Grand Prix Series II




Daniel Trapatoni, Exclusive MasTKD

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