Definitive Changes for the WTF Rules PART 2

International - 2016/11/17 - MasTKD is adding a continuation for the formal changes in the current assembly held in Burnaby, Canada. Helping all participants and practitioners of this sport, to understand it and initiate the necessary modifications with their athletes.

Definitive Changes for the WTF Rules PART 2


As we previously mentioned, if after the third round a winner cannot be decided, a fourth (4th) round will be conducted of ONE (1) minute

The criteria for Golden Point are:

  • A valid point with a punch to the chest protector.
  • Valid points by kicking. Head or Chest PSS
  • Two (2) Gam-jeams

The Superiority Criteria are:

  1. The competitor with higher number of hits registered by PSS.
  2. The competitor with most rounds won in the first 3 rounds.
  3. The competitor with less number of Gam-jeom.
  4. Referee and Judges Decision.




MasTKD considered important to highlight the situation in which ONLY IVR will be allowed, as these changes will limit the coaches’ possibilities when using their color cards (Red/Blue) in petition of IVR.

  1. ONE (1) Quota per every match
  2. No Video replay will be allowed for or against head kick point (INCLUDING FACE)
  3. Penalty against the opponent:
  4. Falling down.
  5. Crossing the boundary line.
  6. Attacking the opponent after “Kal-yeo”.
  7. Attacking the fallen opponent.
  8. Penalty against own contestant.
  9. Technical Point.
  10. Any mechanical malfunction or error in time management.
  11. From One (1) minute to 30 seconds

As we can observe, these modifications are determinant for time management, agility and continuity of the fight, but also to decide the winner.


Lisethe Salcido, exclusive MasTKD

One thought on “Definitive Changes for the WTF Rules PART 2”

  1. if experts vvait a sufficient test time to be absolutely sure about their decissions………….kiorugui rules and competitions vvill be really better. But if they run so fast, all decisions can turn into a lot of nevv serious mistakes………………….

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