Are the World ready for WTF President’s Cup?

United States - 2016/10/28 - MasTKD is in Oregon, Portland, to going to bring the best of Presidents' Cup. This is one of the best events of the year.



The Oregon Convention Center opened their doors from 11:00 a.m. for receive thousands athletes and coaches to end the accreditation process and did the weight test and be part in the head coaches meeting.

Teams from more than 30 countries arrived here. Argentina, Aruba, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico or Dominican Republic are some the teams that are ready to hunt the Cup.

The master Myun Chan Kim, boss of referees, was the responsable who gave the coaches’ capacitation.

Thousands of souls are waiting to start today with the Presidents’ Cup.
First are the fighters senior male from -54kg, -58kg, -63kg and -68kg, in the senior women case are -46kg, -49kg, -53kg and -57kg.

The children, cadets and junior are ready for will be their debut in this amazing scenary.
From MasTKD we have a question: are you ready for Presidents’ Cup? We’re ready, and you?



Esteban Mora, Exclusive to MasTKD+

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