Third new poomsae: “Nareusya”

South Korea - 2016/10/20 - A third new poomsae has been developed by the Asian Taekwondo Union. Watch the full video of it and know the details of their origin.


Trainee: 18-30 years old.

Duration: more or less than 90 – 95 seconds.

Meaning of poomsae:

Nareusya means “Flying up” meaning that after overcoming all the hardship one can soar up and achieve one’s ambition. It originates from Korean classics like Yongbieocheonga so it is historically meaningful and easy to pronounce.

An adolescense is the time when one should pioneer the way as a real Taekwondoist with clear and calm mind by cleaning up the dirt in mind stained with confusion.

“Nareusya Poomsae” enables young trainees to proyect erupting energy of youth to various high level techniques and secure the mental calmness and to create faithful future.




Daniel Trapatoni, By MasTKD+

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