Second new poomsae: “Saebyeol”

South Korea - 2016/09/26 - A second new poomsae has been developed by the Asian Taekwondo Union. Watch the full video of it and know the details of their origin.


Trainee: 18-30 years old.

Duration: more or less than 90 seconds.

Meaning of poomsae:

Saebyeol is the pure korean word that represents the infinite possibility and development.

The period of youth is the time when one sets an aim in life and pursues it. It is necessary that the aim shoud be set in the right direction to be model of Taekwondo and example of the world technically and morally by giving off the energy abstemiously.

Poomsae lines figuratively represent the strong passion that one is eager to be man or woman like shining stars in the sky with endless efforts. It is named to mean that one performs Taekwondo best to be salt and light of the world morally as technically.




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