New Poomsae of WTF Taekwondo: “Himchari”

South Korea - 2016/09/23 - A new poomsae has been developed by the Asian Taekwondo Union. Watch the full video of it and know the details of their origin.


Meaning of poomsae:
Himchari is not finished yet but it meant the teenagers infinite possibility who vigorously challenge and grow.

An adolescent period is the time when sensitivity is acute, mentality is not stable and the identify is confusing. It is needed to overcome this period with endless passion and vigorous challenge, making the energy of hope.

Poomsae lines visually represents the image making sprout and stretching the hope. That is, it expresses the image that teenagers endlessly challenge and achieve the future of dream and hope. It represents the sprout that starts to produce infinite possibility of growth in center line overlapped with soaring flap of wings.




Exclusive MasTKD+ Team

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