Activities have begun in the Taekwondo High School League in Texas

United States - 2016/09/29 - In an exclusive interview for MasTKD the president of TVTAL (Texas Varsity Taekwondo Athletic League), Master Lisethe Salcido, said the training sessions have started, and are creating an important impact for our Taekwondo high school students and Texas community.



Master Salcido mentioned that together, Texas state high school students and all the seperate Dojangs involved will be representing all the different school districts in Texas.

The President of TVTAL also added “people are very interested and getting involved, we have initially divided TVTAL into 4 regions, due to the size of the state; the Northern region is led by Master Erick Farfan, the Central region by Master Brad Perkins, the East region by Master Aldo Prado and the South region by Master Jesse Khuns; all recognized and prominent drivers of Taekwondo in Texas,” Master Salcido, emphasized that with this team of leaders, over whom she presides, is already bearing results since the he training sessions started. The first took place in the northern region, on September 24th. “We have planned that by October 15th we will be conducting simultaneous training sessions in all 4 regions. We know that these sessions are extremely important because they are the preamble of preparation for the opening of the season this coming January 2017 “.

In response of MasTKD+ ’s questions: What is TVTAL and what is its purpose? Master Salcido answered, ”TVTAL is dedicated to the creation of new, yet long-needed opportunities for high school taekwondo athletes. With our Player’s League, athletes can compete in a pathway that can take them to the High School National Championships, as well as receive high-quality weekly training sessions to refine and perfect their abilities. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, TVTAL devotes all of its energies towards our athletes to ensure that they receive the very best we can offer them, helping them get varsity letters and recognition for their talents as well as training them to help them do so.”
“We are working with the national governing body, USA Taekwondo, and with the premier college governing body USTC. TVTAL intends to organize and lead the way for high school students to gain recognition for their abilities in taekwondo, be it by helping them earn varsity letters, or by allowing them to be scouted for their abilities by colleges. This is especially important as Taekwondo nears becoming an NCAA sport. TVTAL will provide a clear pathway for students to first: compete in their districts, then for their districts, and eventually, go on to the High School National Championships, which takes place concurrently with the National Collegiate Championships. While TVTAL is a new non-profit organization, we intend to build our infrastructure and generate interest to make Taekwondo a regular sport in high schools.“ She concluded.

A great campaign, the one carried forward by this new grouping in Texas, which is the first of its kind in the United States; seeks to promote the development of Taekwondo through educational institutions and give students the possibility to develop in the academic level thanks to their sport.

A great example to follow and imitate in the world.





Francisco Keller, MasTKD+ Team

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