2016 National Team Trials

United States - 2016/08/31 - The 2016 US Junior Team Trials and Poomsae Team Trials have concluded at the Olympic Training Center.



During August 26th through the 29th, 450 selected athletes gathered to compete at the 2016 Junior Team Trials and Poomsae Team Trials in Colorado Springs, CO.

In Sparring, the top eight junior athletes in each weight category, selected at the US National Championship celebrated in Richmond, Virginia this past July, gathered together at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. to look for the US National team member title.

The level of competition was proudly high. In sparring the top 300 athletes and their coaches were able to demonstrate new strategies that were well performed in the ring.

Twenty athletes winners. Ten female and ten male of each weight division are the 2016 US Junior National Team, that will represent their country at the 2016 Junior World Championships in Burnaby, Canada.

Likewise 150 athletes competed to win a spot for the US 2016 Poomsae Team in the different variations and also to represent US at the Poomsae World Championships in Lima, Peru.

The top referees WTF certified witnessed the high level of Poomsae and were able to select the team for individual, pair and team variations.

The results were 16 athletes for the individual event, (8 female, 8 male), 4 pairs, and 8 teams. And for freestyle Poomsae: 8 individual , 2 pairs and 2 teams.

The USAT (USA Taekwondo) posted, “The Future Starts Now!” and sure is providing a higher level of competition, along special athletes and coaches’ trainings, creating the possibility to increase the US’ level in Taekwondo, that is already preparing for the next Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.


2016 U.S. Junior National Team

Kiana Chai Chong – Female -42kg
Sydney Stoyanoff – Female -44kg
Leah Mitelberg – Female -46kg
Chloe Towns – Female -49kg
Logan Weber – Female -52kg
Starla Santana – Female -55kg
Trinity Sullivan – Female -59kg
Ceana Rodriguez – Female -63kg
Camryn Henry – Female -68kg
Madelynn Gorman-Shore – Female +68kg

Bilal Hasan – Male -45kg
CJ Nickolas – Male -48kg
Van Mitchell Bactista – Male -51kg
Austin Tran – Male -55kg
Derrick Kwak Jr. – Male -59kg
Joshua Liu – Male -63kg
Connor Giddens – Male -68kg
Joshua Wilson – Male -73kg
Alasan Ann – Male -78kg
Luis Espinosa – Male +78kg


2016 U.S. National Poomsae Team Members

12-14 Female Individual – Piper Kindle (CA)
12-14 Male Individual – Ryan Real (CA)
15-17 Female Individual – Rikki Jao (CA)
15-17 Male Individual – Alex Lee (CA)
18-30 Female Individual – Carissa Fu (MA)
18-30 Male Individual – Edward Jeong (MA)
31-40 Female Individual – Rosalynn Le (CA)
31-40 Male Individual – Justin Wang (CA)
41-50 Female Individual – Thoa Nguyen (WA)
41-50 Male Individual – Pok Sun Yang (CA)
51-60 Female Individual – Kristi George (IN)
51-60 Male Individual – Eun Ig Lee (TX)
61-65 Female Individual – Diana Hunt (CA)
61-65 Male Individual – Chi Duong (NV)
65+ Female Individual – Erica Linthorst (NY)
65+ Male Individual – Bruce Gallup (CT)

12-14 Mixed Pair – Hannah Mooney (KS) & Ethan Sen (OK)
15-17 Mixed Pair – Priscilla Jo (CA) & Vincent Jodjana (CA)
18-30 Mixed Pair – Angelica Jensen (CA) & Princeton Rush (IN)
31+ Mixed Pair – Thu Doolittle (TX) and George Duong (CA)

12-14 Female Team – Megan Lee (CA), Jae Shim (CA) & Erica Seo (CA)
12-14 Male Team – Brandon Cho (CA), Ryan Real (CA) & Ethan Sen (OK)
15-17 Female Team – Rachel Bae (CA), Viviana Cao (FL) & Iris Kang (CA)
15-17 Male Team – Alex Lee (CA), Andrew Lee (CA) & Ethan Sun (CA)
Under 30 Female Team – Cindy Asano (CA), Heather Huynh (MN), Sunho Min (CA)
Under 30 Male Team – Sebastian Choi (FL), Michael Couloucoundis (CT) & Princeton Rush (IA)
Over 30 Male Team – Anh Nguyen(CA), Tuong-Huy Nguyen (CA), Chau Truong (MN)
Over 30 Female Team – Thoa Nguyen (WA), Kathy Do (FL) & Elva Adams (TX)

12-17 Freestyle Female Individual – Sharlene Duong (CA)
12-17 Freestyle Male Individual – Tyler Dao (CA)
12-17 Freestyle Pairs – Kenneth Doan (CA) & Jamie Ng (CA)
12-17 Freestyle Mixed Team – Tyler Dao (CA, Kenneth Doan (CA), Arianna Le (CA), Jamie Ng (CA), Aleena Duong (CA), & Ethan Huang (CA) (substitute)

18+ Freestyle Female Individual – Adalis Munoz (TX)
18+ Freestyle Male Individual – Alex Twu (CA)
18+ Freestyle Pairs – Alex Twu (CA) & Victoria Dizon (CA)
18+ Freestyle Mixed Team – Long Nguyen (CA), Alvin Jong (CA), Lance Supnet (CA), Hazel Cruz (CA), Kelsey Ha (CA), & Heather Huynh (MN) (substitute)


2016 US National Poomsae Team Alternates

12-14 Female Individual – Erica Seo (CA)
12-14 Male Individual – Ethan Sen (OK)
15-17 Female Individual – Karyn Real (CA)
15-17 Male Individual – Kevin Jiang (MI)
18-30 Female Individual – Adalis Munoz (TX)
18-30 Male Individual – Sebastian Choi (FL)
31-40 Female Individual – Jessica Ayres (CA)
31-40 Male Individual – Anh Nguyen (CA)
41-50 Female Individual – Elva Adams (TX)
41-50 Male Individual – Garth Cooley (IN)
51-60 Female Individual – Thu Doolittle (TX)
51-60 Male Individual – Jung Jin (CA)
61-65 Female Individual – Tweedy Nguyen (TX)
61-65 Male Individual – Kent Nickell (IA)
65+ Female Individual – None
65+ Male Individual – Russell Johnson (NJ)

12-14 Mixed Pair – Sharlene Duong (CA) & Jacob Gonzaga (CA)
15-17 Mixed Pair – Karen Real (CA) & Alex Lee (CA)
18-30 Mixed Pair – Megan Yi (CA) & Edward Jeong (MA)
31+ Mixed Pair – Kristi George (IN) & Garth Cooley (IN)

12-14 Female Team – Janet Choe (CA), Sharlene Duong (CA) & Piper Kindle (CA)
12-14 Male Team – Kasey Doan (CA), Jacob Gonzaga (CA) & Anh-Luu Nguyen (CA)
15-17 Female Team – Isabella Demaria (CA), Aleena Duong (CA) & Arianna Le (CA)
15-17 Male Team – Kevin Jiang (MI), Vincent Jodjana (CA) & Casey Liu (CA)
Under 30 Female Team – Michelle Chen (MA), Carissa Fu (MA) & Miyako Yerick (DC)
Under 30 Male Team – Albert Jong (CA), Alvin Jong (CA) & Lance Supnet (CA)
Over 30 Male Team – Kwangjin Ha (CT), Jason Hwang (CA) & Justin Wang (CA)
Over 30 Female Team – Jessica Ayres (CA), Jennifer Howard (CA) & Rosalynn Le (CA)

12-17 Freestyle Female Individual – Ivy Nguyen (CA)
12-17 Freestyle Male Individual – Kenneth Doan (CA)
12-17 Freestyle Pairs – Tyler Dao (CA) & Aleena Duong (CA)
12-17 Freestyle Mixed Team – Trinity To (GA), Chasitie Trinh (GA), Ethan Lam (GA), Austin Vo (GA), Liane Nguyen (GA)

18+ Freestyle Female Individual – Kelsey Ha (CA)
18+ Freestyle Male Individual – Princeton Rush (IN)
18+ Freestyle Pairs – Lance Supnet (CA) & Kelsey Ha (CA)
18+ Freestyle Mixed Team – none


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