Which Taekwondo Club is The Best in all american continent?

United States - 2016/05/21 - The big question for this year is to know which Taekwondo club will be awarded as the best Taekwondo Club of all American Continent. Let’s learn more details.


PATU is organizing on the next 27th and 28th of May the 2nd Pan-American Taekwondo Club Championships, and there, we will know which school will be awarded for this great title.

The 2nd Pan-American Taekwondo Club Championships will be held in Washington State and is opening doors to all Taekwondo clubs in the American continent who wish to participate and compete to win this title.

The events at this Championships are: Sparring (Kyorugy), Forms (Poomsae), Board Breaking (Kioppa) and Exhibition Team.

It will be opening categories from Cadets, Junior, Senior and Master divisions, Black Belts and Color Belts.

This is a great opportunity to see competitive level of all the Pan-American clubs, being fundamental part of the development of the future Olympic Champions.





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