Why you should pay for Taekwondo classes?

International - 2016/05/27 - Words from Master Luis Jimenes that will never be lost; Why should I pay for Martial Arts classes?



One of my friends asked me, “Why do you pay so much money for your children’s martial arts?”

“Well, let me tell you something: I don’t pay for my kids’ martial arts. Personally I am not interested at all about martial arts”, I responded.

My friend exclaimed, “Are you crazy? Then, why are you paying for those classes?”
I said; “Look in reality I’m paying for this:

-I’m paying so my kids can be disciplined.
-I’m paying so my kids learn how to keep and take care of their bodies.
-I’m paying so my kids learn how to work with others and be good team players.
-I’m paying so my kids learn how face their deceptions.
-I’m paying so my kids learn to set goals and complete them on each stage.
-I’m paying so my kids learn that it takes hours, hours and hours of hard work and training to create a champion and so they can realize that success does not come over night.
-I’m paying for the opportunity that my kids have and will have to create friends for life.
-I’m paying so my kids are in a dojang and not in front of a screen… and I can keep on going, but I can summarize that I don’t pay for martial art classes; I pay for the opportunities that martial arts provides to my children to develop attributes that will help them during their lives and for the opportunity to positive impact in other’s lives.

So far, for what I have seen, I am convinced that is great to invest and “pay” for martial arts classes.”


Translated by, Lisethe Salcido Exclusive MasTKD+

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