“Mercenary coaches”, the new trend in Taekwondo

Internacional - 2016/05/30 - In our continuous bewildering sport, a new trend is being used nowadays:  the "mercenary coaches”, those who don´t fight to defend a flag nor a country, but those who receive money to coach an athlete who pays the bill.



There were many coaches who, at some point migrated from their country to work under a federation and Olympic committee different from their own nationality, and that is completely valid, since when they defended the colors of their new team, they did it professionally and consistently.

This method is used in different sports, especially in soccer.

But in this case we are not referring to that, but the “mercenary coaches”, those who do not belong to any particular team and are hired to be on the chair in certain competition or make preparations to different competitions, often without communicating or even disregarding the work done by the athlete´s technical team.

Although it may seem incoherent, what I will say is the truth: I really don´t know if wearing colors and flags of different countries  in a Continental, World or Olympic Qualifier championships is right or wrong… I really don’t know anymore…the fact is that I don’t know it, but I just don’t get it.  Maybe you, guys, can explain it to me.

We have seen coaches using the colors or flags of four different nationalities in the same competition. Tell me one thing: Isn´t it too much?

How the WTF will handle this situation in the upcoming Rio Olympic Games?  Or, are they just ignoring this situation?



Who is more mercenary, the coach or the athlete?

As I said earlier, I am writing this note from the incoherence and confusion that Taekwondo has driven me lately, I´m not even sure that what I am writing, my reflections, are right or wrong… even, I´m not either convinced that these “mercenary coaches” are not scrupulous or, on the other hand the athletes themselves are the culprits of their existence.

I am sure, you all know cases of athletes who consider themselves very special and talented but haven´t won any title; however, the first thing they do is to question their coach´s knowledge and look for an “enlightened master” who willingly will “sell” them part of their “wisdom”.  It is there where the “mercenary coaches” appear in the scenario, charging and receiving the money the other coach, who formed, trained and accompanied that athlete during months and years, never received.

Help me to figure it out with your comments, please, because I have another question:  Isn´t it incoherent that a National Federation that has a technical staff accepts to support or even pay the “mercenary coach´s” bill just to indulge their athlete´s whim?

Don´t forget what happened to Aaron Cook. He did that with the United Kingdom Federation and he was left out. In that case, the National Federation supported and dignified the work of its Technical Staff.


By Francisco Keller

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