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Four WildCards were defined to Río2016

International - 2016/05/05 - The four wildcards to Río2016 were defined this afternoon at the preparation Camp of the Olympics Games, in South Korea.

Left to right: Faisal Jeylani Aweys (Somalia), Aniya Louissant (Haití), Nisha Rawal (Nepal), Miguel Ferrera (Honduras).

MasTaekwondo had access to one document of World Taekwondo Federation when the four wildcards to Río2016 were defined by the Tripartite Comission of Olympic Games.

The winners were Haiti, Nepal, Honduras and Somalia, according to this document. The weights to ench one were:

Haiti, in -67kg women, Nepal, in +67kg women, Honduras, in -80kg men, and Somalia, in -58kg men.

The athletes name’s are Faisal Jeylani Aweys from Somalia, Aniya Louissant from Haití, Nisha Rawal from Nepal and Miguel Ferrera from Honduras.

The weight distribution was made by Brazil the host of the Olympic Games which chose the remaining four weights.


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