WTF Instates Para-Taekwondo Governing Board

Switzerland - 2015/07/02 - Following the enactment of a Para-taekwondo bylaw in May this year, the WTF has appointed eight members of the WTF Para-Taekwondo Governing Board, including two athlete representatives.

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The Para-Taekwondo Governing Board will be chaired by Mr. Koos Engelbrecht. Mr. Engelbrecht was the chairman of the WTF Para-Taekwondo Committee that worked on WTF’s successful bid for the inclusion on the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic programme.


Under the WTF Statutes, the chairman of the Para-Taekwondo Governing Board will automatically be an ex-officio WTF Council member.


In his acceptance letter, Mr. Engelbrecht said :

“It is an honor for me to be appointed as Chairman of the Para-Taekwondo Governing Board. This is a task I will take up to serve WTF and its members to the best of my ability. I am looking forward to working with the Para-Taekwondo Governing Board and continuing the development of para-taekwondo to become a leading sport in the Paralympic family.”


The Para-Taekwondo Governing Board is composed of the following members:

  • Koos Engelbreacht, Chairman, South Africa
  • Gabriel Fife, Member, USA
  • David O’Sullivan, Member, Ireland
  • Terrie Moore, Member, Canada
  • Fernando Akilian, Member, Argentina
  • Aleksandr Shlychkov, Member, Russia
  • Steven Currie, Athlete Member, Australia
  • Lisa Standeven, Athlete Member, Canada


WTF President Chungwon Choue said :

“The Para-Taekwondo Governing Board has been carefully selected to ensure that the WTF has a solid base to develop taekwondo as an all-inclusive sport and expand the competition formats to include athletes of all disabilities. Thier work will also be to perfect all aspects of the para-taekwondo kyorugi dicipline that will be featured on the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games programme.”



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Source:  WTF


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