Levent Tuncat: Art or Nonsense?

Germany - 2015/07/02 - The three time European champion Levent Tuncat, Germany, participated in a photo shoot in which he is shown completely naked.  Find out why.

Levent Tuncat


The world famous magazine Men’s Health, in its German version, carried out a production in which different German athletes are shown totally naked.


The message the famous magazine wanted to send was:   Why don´t you learn from Germany’s best athletes?      The video shows exceptional athletes who not only won Olympic, World and Continental titles but also have sculpted their bodies.


The interviewed athletes, from taekwondo, rowing, boxing, wrestling and snowboarding, shared their secrets on how they got their privileged physical condition and beautiful bodies, showing each and every one of their developed muscles.


What do you think about this campaign?




Daniel Trapatoni, Exclusive MasTKD

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