Guatemala held its 2015 National Championship

Guatemala - 2015/07/07 - The Guatemalan Taekwondo Federation recently held the National Championships which included the Inclusive National Games with almost 1,000 participating athletes coming from all over the country.

Guatemala national championships


The athletes came from the rural provinces from affiliated associations and clubs and got together to celebrate a sporting party held each year at the “Gimnasio Nacional Teodoro Palacios Flores”.  The most numerous delegation was the representative of Peten, geographically the northernmost department of Guatemala, as well as the largest in size.


In occasion of the National Championships, the “III Inclusive National Games” (sponsored by the Guatemalan Sports Confederation) were also held and athletes suffering from Down syndrome (Margarita Tejada Foundation) performed Poomsaes, Demonstration and breaking


Guatemalan national championships


The opening ceremony was chaired by the President of the National Association and Member of the WTF and PATU  Executive Council , Maria Borello and was attended by the President, Vice President and Technical Director of the Guatemalan Olympic Committee, Gerardo Aguirre, Juan Carlos Sagastume and Susana Morales respectively.  The ceremony was also attended by the Guatemalan Federation Technical Director, Saul Lorenti,  Byron Solórzano and Juan Carlos Cifuentes, representatives of the Guatemalan Sports Confederation and  Ernestina Busto, President of the Margarita Tejada Foundation.


Guatemalan national championships


It is important to highlight the exhibition performed by the Alta Verapaz Association when a group of young girls demonstrated their skills learned through the Project Taekwondo as an Integration Tool”.  This project seeks to promote Taekwondo as a means of combating ethnic exclusion and women´s commitment to work in benefit of multiculturalism through Taekwondo.  (See: Taekwondo unites, racism divides us).


According to the annual program, the Guatemalan Taekwondo Federation provided new equipment and training materials to all its affiliated associations in order to promote Taekwondo in the rural areas.


The two-day event featured children, cadets, junior and senior competitions, meanwhile the “III National Games” featured cadets and junior categories.  Additionally, the Guatemalan Taekwondo Federation Executive Committee gave a Diploma to each of the athletes who got their classification for the upcoming Pan American Games to be held this month in Toronto, Canada.


Guatemalan national championships


The results of the National Championships were the following:



1) Power Training (Guatemala) – 67 Pts.
2) Peten – 66 Pts.
3) Santa Rosa – 61 Pts.
4) Halcones (Guatemala) – 43 Pts.
5) Huehuetenango – 40 Pts.



1) Peten – 31 Pts.
2) High Performance (Guatemala) – 28 Pts.
3) Power Training (Guatemala) – 23 Pts.
4) Quetzaltenango – 21 Pts.
5) Suchitepequez – 17 Pts.



1) Peten – 81 Pts.
2) Guatemala – 64 Pts.
3) Santa Rosa – 35 Pts.
4) Suchitepequez – 28 Pts.
5) Escuela Federativa de Mixco (Guatemala) – 26 Pts.



1) Guatemala – 53 Pts.
2) Quetzaltenanfo – 26 Pts.
3) Suchitepequez – 18 Pts.
4) Cuerpo Libre (Guatemala) – 16 Pts.
5) Alta Verapaz – 10 Pts.
5) Lion´s Taekwondo (Guatemala) – 10 Pts.




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