FISU Summer Universiade Conference Wraps Up

South Korea - 2015/07/13 - The 2015 FISU Conference raised the bar this year setting an emphasis on the impact of university sport on the global community.

fisu 2015 conference


The three day event brought in ten keynote speakers focusing on University Sport split into the four ‘EPIC’ sub-themes of the Gwangju Universiade: Eco-Environmental Impact, Humanity and Social Development, Innovation and Information Technology and Global Education Development.


Wrapping up the final day of discussion were keynote speakers Arner Goering, Issui Ogasawara, Jinxia Dong and Yong Soon Yim. Each provided a refreshing perspective on the role of sport in society and the responsibility of University Sport at each respective institution.


The main topic that was touched on was the responsibility of changing the role of sport to better the athletes while making an impact on the global community. Universities are still learning how to embrace the power of sport while acknowledging the negative features that are sometimes highlighted more than the good. As Arne Goering put it, “There is no automatic mechanism.”


Influential learning outcomes of sport talked about in all four keynotes were respect, self-esteem, creation of values and assertiveness. In an effort to highlight the positive impact of sports this years Universiade has set a focus on education for its young athletes. “For the athletes themselves, I think it is a very huge prospect of an impact for themselves. University sports highlights their values and helped develop their skills. I think this year there is a very elite group here,” said Goering.


The 2015 FISU Summer Universiade Conference hosted 400 participants from over 60 countries. Discussions are held bi-annually in accordance with the Universiade to create a platform to present scientific papers and to simulate research on sport and how it can be linked to university sport. The next Universiade and Conference is to be held in the summer of 2017 in Taipei City, Chinese Taipei.



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