The JCalicu Best Images of the Day (day 4)

Russia - 2015/05/18 - This space is sponsored by @JCalicu and we will present “The Best Images of the Day”; fifteen pictures corresponding to the first day of competition at the 2015 WTF World Taekwondo Championships Chelyabinsk 2015. Each picture is special for the photographer and that is why each one is captioned.     The JCalicu Best Images of the Day (day 2) The JCalicu Best Images of the Day (day 3)

1- Camilo Perez (CHI) and Stanislav Denisov (RUS) give us a thrilling match that would end in favor of the local by a Golden point.


2- Reaction of Chilean Perez after lifting a match on the last seconds which was very unfavorable and take it to a Golden point.


3- Kim (KOR) does not care who is the rival; he has no mercy and takes them out quickly. A 12-point difference at the third round.


4- Kim (KOR) gave an astonishing performance in Puebla last year and so he did in Chelyabinsk. He faced Kazemi (IRI) who was a tough rival and gave a great fight. However, he could not defeat the Korean power and lost by a 1-point difference.


5- He does not care about the rounds… first round, second or even the Final. He goes for it. Who else but Servet Tazegül (TUR).


6- He gets punches and kicks but he kicks back. Servet (TUR) and Shin (KOR) had no pity and fight with each other giving everything.


7- After sweat it out against Korea, it was Russia´s turn at the Final.


8- You cannot attack without being aware that you will be attacked, too. Spectacular Semifinal and Final were performed by Servet Tazegül (TUR), Alexey Denisenko (RUS) and Shin Dong-yun (KOR).


9- Epangue (FRA) shouts with great feeling his qualification to the semifinals of the World Taekwondo Championships.


10 – Vokey (CAN) strongly kicks Dislam´s (MAR) protector.


11- Tortosa (Senior), watching his son´s fall and showing his sadness by not seeing him in getting to the medal zone.


12- A fierce shout!. Nusa Rajher (SLO) defeats Rosanna Simon Alamo (SPA).


13- Spaniard Jesus Tortosa Cabrera´s dream was beginning.


14- Kazemi (IRI) began to show that he would complicate Kim´s (KOR) road in the competition. Here, he easily defeated Muscat (CAN).



15- Not all athletes in the Heavy category are slow. Khodabandeh (IRI) and Nafi Kus (TUR) gave us a dynamic combat.



Marcos López Rodriguez, Exclusive MasTKD

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