The JCalicu Best Images of the Day (day 3)

Russia - 2015/05/15 - This space is sponsored by @JCalicu and we will present “The Best Images of the Day”; fifteen pictures corresponding to the first day of competition at the 2015 WTF World Taekwondo Championships Chelyabinsk 2015. Each picture is special for the photographer and that is why each one is captioned.   The JCalicu Best Images of the Day (day 2)

1. Greece shows superiority against Chile giving kicks to the head.



2. Al-Saqued (JOR) defeats Jirankova (CZE) with no problem, but she cannot maintain the level and says bye to the competition too early. However, she gives us a spectacular kick to the face immortalized in this picture.


3. A South American match : Brazil vs- Argentina. At moments a very tight match but ends with Argentina clearly winning the match.


4. He probably had a headache afterwards. Huang (CHN) kicks on Salih´s (QAT) head. However, the Chinese would soon be out.


5. Egypt vs the United States in a all-or-nothing match! It was a “undetermined outcome” match with ups and down for both athletes. However, the American finally won the match.
6. Servet (TUR) does not give you time to breathe and he does not know how to speculate in a match.


7. Colombia gets a place in the semifinals and ensures a medal. Katherine Dumar beats Kyungseon Hwang (KOR).


8. On the 3rd. day, Spain reaches the podium. Rosillo Atencia got the access to the Semifinal in the under 68 kg. category.


9. Wu (CHN) does not give any chances to the local Igumenova and with two kicks to the head defeats her rival.


10. Ha (KOR) in vibrant match against Bogdanovic (SRB) reaches the final with a golden point.


11. Russian Gaun´s intimidating look to Hajizavareh (IRI).


12 A victory shout when the Iranian Hajizavareh reaches the Final.


13. He was as close to get to the Final as this kick. Coulibaly (MLI) against Rafalovich (SRB) could not get to the Final… but it was close…


14. The excitement of the goal reached and the certainty and knowledge that you don´t get there alone…


15. Hajizavareh (IRI) fought as if he had in his head a magic formula on how to win.




Marcos López Rodriguez, Exclusive MasTKD


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