Categories in Poomsae Competition could be reduced

International - 2015/05/07 - The World Taekwondo Federation could reduce the number of competition categories in Poomsae during the next Council Meeting to be held in Chelyabinsk, Russia.  Find out what could be the changes.


In a few days, WTF Executive Council will hold its meeting in Chelyabinsk, Russia. During this meeting the leaders of the World Taekwondo Federation would make a series of amendments to both, competition rules and statutes.  The Poomse competition rules could have some significant amendments.


Presently, the following Poomsae categories are featured:


Cadets (12-14 years old)

Junior (15-17 years old)

Under 30 Division (18-30 years old)

Under 40 Division (31-40 years old)

Under 50 Division (41-50 years old)

Under 60 Division (51-60 years old)

Under 65 Division (61-65 years old)

Over 65 Division (65 years old or



If amendments are approved the new categories would be the following:


Cadet (12-14 years old)

Junior  (15-17 years old)

Senior 1 (18-30 years old)

Masters 2 (31-45 years old)

Master (46 and older old)



As far as Pair and Group competitions are concerned,  the categories would be from 12-17 years old and from18 years old and higher.


According to the WTF, these amendments would be made with the intention of making this competition more striking and exciting and WTF wants more dynamic and spectacular Poomsae competitions.


Moreover,  the changes would limit older participants to obtain medals  since having only one master category,  would give those in the age lower limit (46 years old) more opportunities to go to the podium


Don´t miss the information about the new amendments on the Poomsae competition.  MasTKD is in Russia and we will bring it to you!


Alex Korram, Exclusive MasTKD

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