The prep for the Open Poomsae International is underway

Colombia - 2015/04/09 - The Open Poomsae International GM Oskar Posada is expected to become a top event in this discipline in the American Continent. It will be held from July 3 to 5 in Medellin, Colombia and it is already generating great expectation. MasTKD ESPAÑOL



The championship, organized by Grand Master Oskar Posada, together with the Antioquia Taekwondo League and sanctioned by the Colombian Taekwondo Federation, is expected to be a great success as it will undoubtedly call all Poomsae lovers from all over the world, besides the presence of locals which, according to the organization, will be around  400 participants.




This championship has attracted great interest among the Colombians because they award points for the National Ranking.


The Open International GM Oskar Posada, will be the big test for all practitioners who are preparing for the most important event in the country: the National Games, event in which the Poomsae plays a fundamental role even more than the kyorugi competition, we dare to say. This year, these games will be held from November 7 to 11 in the city of Chocó.


Undoubtedly this is the most important international event of Poomsae in which participants will have the opportunity to show their skills in front of the world.


For more information contact the GM Oskar Posada:   oskarposada@yahoo.com




Daniel Trapatoni, Exclusive MasTKD



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