Everybody will get ranking points at Chelyabinsk

Russia - 2015/04/15 - Find out how many points will be granted at the World Championships in Chelyabinsk, from champion until the athlete who gets the 65th position.  A G-12 ranked event gives all the athletes the opportunity to grab ranking points. MasTKD ESPAÑOL  



The world championship, to be held from May 12 to 18 in the city of Chelyabinsk, Russia, will gather many elite athletes in the event which will grant the most ranking  points of the year.  Also it will give us the opportunity to see if the top athletes stay in the higher positions and secure a spot for the Olympics or, otherwise, they lose points and, others will get dangerously close to the upper positions.


Is it a good idea to make the trip up to the “meteorite land” and compete in the 21th (14th Women`s) World Taekwondo Championships Chelyabinsk 2015? The logical answer is “yes”, since starting from the 65th position, the athletes would get valuable ranking points.  If you get the 65th position, you will get more ranking points than if you got a Silver Medal in a G-1 event: 6.22 ranking points.


On the contrary, if we analyze the other end of the chart, the champion in each category will get 120 ranking points, proving to be decisive in the athlete´s goals to get to Rio 2016.


Ranking points to be awarded in Chelyabinsk, Russia:


  • 1st place:  120 points
  • 2nd place:  72 points
  • 3rd positions:  43.20 points
  • 5th positions: 25.92 points
  • 9th positions: 18.14 points
  • 17th positions: 12.70 points
  • 33th positions: 8.89 points
  • 65th positions: 6.22 points


In short, the third places in Chelyabinsk will get more ranking points than becoming champions in a G-4  event, and those getting the fifth places will get more points than the ones obtained by a champion in a complicated G-2 event.

This anticipates a large participation of athletes despite the fact that the world championships will be held in a place that for many national teams represent a major economic investment; they are taking the risk considering the amount of points that their athletes can get.

In case you forgot how many points are awarded in each event, here you have the link:  Everybody will get ranking points in G events.



Alex Korram, Exclusive MasTKD

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