Chelyabinsk, a month away

Russia - 2015/04/10 - Just a month to go until the action begins at the World Championship in Chelyabinsk, where the elite of Taekwondo will be gathered, the Organization published the promotional video. Do not miss it!


The hashtags #tkd2015, #chelly, #chelyabinsk, #taekwondo, #sport and #wtf  will be used by the organization to inform about the event, according to the promotional video.


A multicolored stage with 150 flags of the participating countries on the competition area is what we will see at the Traktor Arena when the  21th (14th Women`s) World Taekwondo Championships 2015 kicks off  on May 12 to 18, 2015.


MasTKD will make a full coverage of the event with live broadcasting, interviews, photos, daily summaries and videos with the highlights of each day. The competition to be held in the Arena Traktor is ranked G-12, which means that whoever wins in each category will obtain 120 Ranking points!.


The event meets the expectations of all fans, as it is the last before Rio 2016.



Esteban Mora, Exclusive MasTKD

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